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Adaptation: Enough Already

Welcoming Kathy Owen to the lead in
Adaptation: Enough Already

A play for women who do too much and the men who love them.

Kathy Owen Big Hair.png

Inspired by the work of Gabor Maté, Nkem Ndefo & others, this is a play for women who do too much and the men who love them. It's a reminder that it's never too late to get in touch with our deeper desires, our repressed intuition and the creative wellspring that resides in all of us... and that doing so may just save us from getting sick. The play asks why women account for 70-80% of autoimmune diseases and questions the relationship between emotions, the roles we're given in life and our mental and physical health.

We explore our attachment to old patterns and outdated mental models that, in the ragged spaces between earning money and the demanding monotony of family life, argue with the growing inner need for authenticity and self-expression. The latter are stymied at every turn by convention and social norms and we see the protagonist wrestling with her desire to break free of these constraints, in the quest for a more meaningful life - and perhaps even a saner world. 

Written and produced by Samantha Graham

Performed by Kathy Owen

Director Hannah Calascione

Original music written by Ella Sabine Mehlberg & Dave Till

Originals & covers performed by Ella Sabine Mehlberg

With Will Sharp on bass and Ffion Aynsley on percussion and cajon

Immersive projection by John McGeoch

Resolume, sound and lights by Tim Flood

Original artwork by Deborah Brill

Universal Hall, Findhorn, Friday December 1st

Pink Cup Adaptation.png

Porcelain tea cup

Cards Adaptation.png

10 cards & envelopes

Water Bottle Adaptation.png

 "Breathe" water bottle

Enough Already Mug.png

Enough Already Mug

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